The Customizer View

The Dynamo Customizer view allows others to interact with your Dynamo scripts on the web via a simplified, curated interface consisting of inputs such as sliders, numbers, and booleans.

By condensing complex graphs into a simple interface, the Customizer view makes your scripts accessible to a wider community of users who may not be familiar with Dynamo, Visual Programming, or 3D modeling. Anyone with an Autodesk account can access your Dynamo script in a Customizer View through a shared link, allowing them to interact with your script without a Dynamo license.

In the Customizer view, users can export geometry as an STL mesh for rapid prototyping, or as a Dynamo file.

Customizer View examples available at

Customizer View UI

The Customizer view consists of a menu bar, a flyout menu containing a description of the file and user inputs, and a 3D view, similar to the Dynamo workspace.

  1. Menu Bar
  2. Controls
  3. 3D Preview

The Customizer View's Menu

The Customizer Menu Bar includes file information, navigation controls, and download options.

  1. Title - The name of the file
  2. Author - The owner of the file
  3. Zoom to Extent - Zoom to the extent of the geometry
  4. Zoom In/Out - Control the zoom
  5. Pan/Orbit - Toggle between orbit and pan
  6. Download - Save the file as an STL or DYN
  7. Feedback - Send comments, suggestions, or issues
  8. Manage/About - Useful information about Dynamo
  9. Logout - Log out of your account and exit the Customizer view


The controls menu contains the inputs to the Dynamo script including numbers, sliders, strings, and booleans, as well as a short description of the file. The controls will reflect the various inputs found in the original Dynamo file and will change depending on the script. This menu can be collapsed by clicking the arrow icon.

  1. Collapse/expand controls
  2. File Description
  3. Number Input
  4. Number Sliders
  5. Boolean
  6. Strings
  7. Integer Slider