Send to Web (with Dynamo Studio)

Publishing your files to the web is quick and easy with Dynamo Studio. However, you may want to spend some time selecting and labeling your inputs and making your file user-friendly. If you need to download Dynamo Studio, please visit the Autodesk website for more information.

Exercise: Preparing to 'Send to Web'

Download the example files for this exercise (Right click and "Save Link As..."). A full list of example files can be found in the Appendix. Download the Attractor Scale Example

In this exercise, we will publish a Dynamo graph to the web. This file creates a grid of rectangles that are scaled based on an attractor and mapped from a base to a target surface. Surface patches are created from each rectangle, and colored based on their distance from the attractor.

This is the customizer we are going to make. View this example on the web.

To prepare your script for publishing, first decide which inputs will be accessible to users. Allowable inputs include sliders, numbers, strings, and booleans. Code Blocks and File Paths cannot be used as inputs. Turn off “Is Input” via the context menu on any inputs that you don’t want to be exposed in the Customizer view. Make sure any slider inputs have reasonable minimum and maximum values.

Uncheck “Is Input” via the context menu on any inputs that you don't want to be exposed in the Customizer.

Second, ensure that your inputs are clearly labelled.

Label the inputs by double clicking the node name to edit it.

Include preview geometry that makes your script easy to understand. In this example, a sphere shows the attractor location, and surfaces are colored based on their distance to the attractor. This makes the attractor influence easy to visualize and understand.

Publish Your File

When you are ready to publish your file, select “Send to Web” from the File menu.

Enter a description of your file and any instructions needed to get started. Once your file is published, you can send a link to anyone with an Autodesk account. The file will be published with the current input values and previews.

View this example on the web

Managing Published Files

To manage your published scripts, visit and sign in to your account. Select “Manage” from the drop down in the top right. On this page, you can edit, share, or delete workspaces that you have already published. This page is also accessible via "Manage Web Workspaces" in the Dynamo Studio File menu.

  1. Edit Workspace
  2. Delete Workspace
  3. Share Link